If you are struggling with your appearance, there are a number of modern remedies that might be able to help. Whereas a few hundred years ago, you wouldn’t have a chance to change things, now you have the opportunity to improve how you look through natural remedies that are backed by scientific research and evidence.

Some people struggle with unsightly stretch marks, which are damaged skin cells and collagen under the skin’s surface. While there are many different types of solutions, the best are natural remedies for stretch marks. These remedies will help you to better remove these unsightly marks and do so in a natural way that is less expensive and less invasive.

Basic Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks You Have to Try

There are many modern remedies that you can use for stretch marks including laser therapy. This procedure is done in many regions across the globe and has much safety to back it up. However, it is a synthetic procedure that uses relatively new technology to improve the quality of your skin. You could use a natural alternative, which we would recommend for starting out.

  1. Vitamin E Oil – One of the most important vitamins for the health of your skin is vitamin E. You can get this in some foods, especially those with high antioxidant content, but it is not something that most people get enough of. Vitamin E oil is a great natural remedy for stretch marks because it helps to increase blood circulation to the area so that collagen grows quicker and the skin cells repair themselves. The most important part of vitamin E oil is that it is able to go down deep into other parts of the skin so that you can fix all layers rather than just the top.

  2. Aloe Vera – This natural plant is another popular solution for stretch marks because it is so old and well known as a skin treatment. People have been using the aloe vera plants as long as they can remember for things from cooking all the way to skin protection and preventing diseases. One of the best ways to use aloe vera is to get a gel and apply it directly to your stretch marks for a few weeks. You’ll notice in no time they start to lessen and finally fade.

  3. Sugar – Want a really powerful exfoliation tool to get rid of the stretch marks? Sugar is a great option and it is one of the few home remedies that you probably already have around your home. Just take a tablespoon of sugar and add some lemon juice in order to rub it on the stretch marks and make them fade. You should rub for 8 – 10 minutes just to make sure that the marks are actually being removed. It will take about a month with this option.

  4. Cocoa Butter – You may have never thought about it, but that delicious chocolate you eat has other purposes as well. One of the best ways to use cocoa is to extract the butter and use that for your skin. The cocoa butter can be used to increase the blood circulation, similar to vitamin E, which is going to reduce the stretch marks. All you need to do is massage the area for a couple of months twice a day and you’ll start to see results.

  5. Apricots – They’re as useful for your skin as they are delicious! Just cut them up and remove the seeds. Then, grind the seeds into a paste and apply it directly onto the stretch marks for 20 minutes. If you rinse and remove with lukewarm water, you’ll be in a position to get rid of those scars in about one month.

  6. Egg Whites – Surprise! Bodybuilders are not the only people who use egg whites. You can use them as a beneficial way to get amino acid and proteins directly into your skin. Extract the egg whites from the yolk and apply a thick layer with a brush. Once you remove this with water, apply some olive oil and you should have less stretch marks in about 2 weeks.

  7. Olive Oil – Filled with nutrients and antioxidants, this is great for tasting, cooking, and using it on the skin. All you need to do is rub it on the affected area to improve the blood circulation, which will give you a much better experience.

Even though these are the main natural remedies for stretch marks that we would recommend, there are faster and simpler ways to remove them with combinations of ingredients. For example, if you combine cocoa butter with wheat germ oil, tea kernal oil and grated beeswax, you have the recipe for an even more powerful natural remedy.

Some people don’t have money for all of those options, which is why we have created this simple list of 7 ingredients that can play a role in preventing stretch marks or removing the existing ones that you have. Just by using the 7 we have provided, you can go a long way in removing the stretch marks and reclaiming the beauty that you desire for your body.

Even though there are plenty of laser treatments and others, it just makes sense to keep yourself natural if you can help it. Try to start with things that you have around the house and then you can move towards other ingredients as you see fit!